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Perhaps one of the most current complaints about Elementor is the fact that sometimes it gets a little slow, some users offer strange and inefficient solutions on how to improve the velocity of the load in WordPress. I personally haven’t experienced this issue. But, in this post, we will discuss how to solve it.

Elementor Speed
In most cases, this issue is associated with the web host specifically. If you have hired the services of a questionable company to host your website, it is very likely that you could experience similar issues. In most cases, the load time should not exceed 2 seconds. I have been working for years with SiteGround and the truth is that it has never given me this type of problems. This web hosting provider is recommended by WordPress.org and it is very popular among Elementor & WordPress users.

If you have already checked that your host provider is not the problem, you might consider other factors. Most of my sites are loaded in no more than 2 seconds according to Google stats, of course, this time might vary slightly depending on your content and several other factors. If you are not sure how to measure this time, I recommend you using Pingdom. It is a free online tool that allows you to check accurately your loading time. In any case, you should avoid the use of CDN or Cloudflare if you do not need them. But, you are free to install any of these and write in the comment section what are your thoughts and how your loading speed was improved.

Keep in mind that the more plugins you use, you will complicate your site. Usually, you can achieve loading times below 0.75 but the truth is that your site might function perfectly with 1.5 seconds. I have certified that the more plugins you use, you increase the chances of troubles.

Elementor Speed Test Pingdom
Elementor + Astra theme + SiteGround hosting

Also, you might try optimizing your images. The fact is that if you do not have images optimized for web, they are very likely to slow down your site. In any case, your images should not exceed 350kb and be not bigger than 1920 x 1280 pixels. A cool tip is to edit them in Photoshop and use the save for web feature, saving it in JPG with quality around 75%; or you can try saving it as a GIF if it does not have too many colors. I have used Photoshop but there are lots of options for optimizing your images. You can use a plugin such as Imagify or a website such as tinyPNG.com. Just make sure to have all of your images optimized so that your web does not suffer.

You might try cleaning your MYSQL database and lower your post revision count. For this, you might need to change a few code lines, and reducing it to 1 instead of 3, for example. However, I believe that the most dramatic effect is exhibited by changing your host provider. SiteGround have their services optimized for the best WordPress services such as PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc. Moreover, if you want to know how they do to make your sites faster, you can learn their process on their website. For example, they run their sites on SSD drives and offer PHP7, at the same time they have built their own caching system.

I believe one of their greatest advantages is the 1 click install and the regular updates of the application, they offer trained experts and solutions to improve sites speed. Also, you can manage security vulnerabilities and have free SSL certificates for your domains.

You are free to try other website hosting services but the truth is that I have been personally using SiteGround for a couple of years and I am very satisfied with their service. It offers quality service at affordable prices. In any case, you should mind the velocity of your site. In this sense, you might want to implement my recommendations above.

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