How Much Does Elementor Pro Cost: Get to Know the Plans

If you are looking to invest in a website builder, you have probably wondered at some point how much Elementor Pro costs. And that is what I will explain below.

Elementor Pro has become one of the favorite WordPress page builders for hundreds of people. This is because it allows you to create professional websites quickly and easily.

Elementor Pro and its Price

As of today, the price of Elementor Pro (expressed in US dollars) varies among the three plans offered by this WordPress page builder.

  • Essential Plan: This plan costs $59 per year. It includes a professional website activation. It has more than 100 basic and professional widgets, more than 300 templates, premium support, among other features.
  • Advanced Plan: This plan’s price is $99 for the first year. It includes a professional website activation for 3 websites.
  • Expert Plan: It is worth $199 per year. It allows activations of 25 websites. In addition to the features of the previous one, this option offers more than 80 website kits, an Elementor expert profile and much more.
  • Agency Plan: Its value is $399 per year, and it allows the activation of 1000 websites. It has similar features to the previous ones.

Within the Elementor Pro plans, the Expert is considered one of the most popular. However, the choice among the individual subscriptions depends on the needs of each person or company.

This layout designer also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on each of its plans.

Aside from knowing how much Elementor Pro costs, you should also know that this visual website builder offers comprehensive solutions.

Elementor Pro Price

Users can access the Elementor cloud website for a subscription fee of $99 per year. This is a fixed price without any hidden fees.

* There may also be special sales or discounts, so the current pricing may differ from this one.

If, after learning about Elementor Pro’s pricing, you are interested in getting one of their plans, you can pay through platforms like PayPal or by using any of the major credit cards.

As you can see, there are several plan and pricing options offered by Elementor Pro.

This allows you to choose the option that best suits your needs. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy all the features and high-quality service.

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