How Much Does Elementor Cost

If you are wondering how much is Elementor Pro, I will try to summarize it briefly in this very short article.

There are more options for the Elementor Pro page builder plugin:

1) Essential $49/year license

This plan is ideal for you if you need to use Elementor on just one website.

2) Advanced $99/year license

This plan allows you to use Elementor Pro on up to 3 websites.

3) Expert $199/year license

The Expert license allows you to use the Elementor Pro plugin on up to 25 websites. It is an ideal plan for you if you, for example, if you are an internet marketer and own more than 3 websites on which you want to use this premium page builder plugin.

Elementor Pro Pricing

Also, if you are a web developer and you are planning to use Elementor on dozens or even hundreds of websites, Elementor has something for you, too. The Teams plans that are ideal for working with multiple clients. The pricing is the following:

1) Studio $499/year license

You can use this Elementor license on up to 100 websites. It comes with some extras like, for example, VIP support.

2) Agency $999/year license

This plan includes all the features like the plan mentioned above, but you can use it on up to 1,000 websites.

Elementor Teams Pricing

So, basically, the choice of the plan depends on how many websites you will use it. But, in my opinion, it is worth the price.

You can also check my tutorial on how to buy Elementor or an other tutorial on how to install it.

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