How to Install Elementor Pro

One of the most frequently asked questions among new WordPress users is how to install the plugins they have purchased. Among them, Elementor Pro is one of the favorites to start creating their websites.

This plugin allows you to design and layout the entire platform for your business or venture in a simple way. This is achieved thanks to its incredible dynamic drag-and-drop interactive elements that will create the aesthetics of your website.

Therefore, to provide you with detailed information on how to install Elementor Pro, I have prepared a brief tutorial below.

Tutorial on How to Install Elementor Pro on WordPress

To successfully install Elementor Pro, I recommend you to carefully follow each of the steps mentioned below. This will ensure that the plugin will work after installation.

I must particularly warn you that the Elementor Pro plugin will not work if you do not have the free version installed. This is because the former is an add-on to the latter.

1. Download the Elementor Pro File

The first thing to install this plugin is to download its file, which you can acquire by purchasing it from the official site.

The file will be downloaded as a .ZIP document, it is not necessary to open or unzip it. Therefore, it is recommended to leave the document as it is downloaded.

Download Elementor Pro Zip

In case you need help downloading the correct file for this builder, you can always refer to the above published guide on how to buy Elementor Pro. This way, you can be sure when purchasing the plugin.

2. Login to WordPress

Open the WordPress portal and enter your username and password. Then click on the tab labeled “Plugins” in the left menu.

This will automatically open a small section where you should upload the Elementor.Zip file you have downloaded earlier. You can either drag the file into the indicated box or click on “upload plugin” and browse for the zip file among your documents.

Upload WordPress Plugin

3. Activate Elementor Pro

Once the file is fully uploaded, you will need to click on a button at the bottom. Specifically, where it says “activate” to finish the process completely.

After you have finished this entire process, the WordPress site will send you a notification asking you to activate your license. Complete the required steps and that is it.

Note: If you receive an error message saying that you are missing the style.css file, it means that you have tried to upload Elementor Pro as a theme instead of a Plugin.

In this case, you will need to upload the file again making sure you have chosen “Plugin” as an option.

Finally, that is it for this tutorial. I hope you found it useful so that you can properly install and activate Elementor Pro and start laying out your web pages.

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